Parking spaces

Parktech has extensive experience of various parking facilities.

We act as a partner in choosing and implementing the right parking solution for each facility. 

Sokos Lahti

Sokos Lahti is an important part of Lahti city center. Its parking garage is used by various customer groups, including hotel guests, department and grocery store customers, and various other groups. Solution: a fully ticketless system including the Parktech control room service and EasyPark and ParkMan for mobile payments. License plate recognition. Touchscreen payment terminals.

Joensuun pysäköinti Oy: Metropol, Niskaparkki, and Hallitie parking facilities

Parktech has provided services to Joensuun Pysäköinti Oy for more than ten years. The city's key parking facilities feature reliable ticketed systems, which have been integrated with license plate recognition and the EasyPark and ParkMan mobile payment systems

Espoon kulttuuriparkki

A new parking facility next to the Exhibition Centre WeeGee that serves the customers of the exhibition centre, residents of nearby houses, and other people visiting the Tapiola area. The parking facility is operated by Tapiola Paikoitus Oy, a long-time partner of Parktech, that has relied on the products offered by Parktech in terms of parking technology. The facility features a fully camera-based parking system from Parktech with EasyPark and ParkMan for mobile payments, touchscreen payment terminal, and the option for subsequent invoicing.