A hybrid model is used to refer to various combinations and variations of parking solutions.

A parking facility with a barrier can be converted into a fully ticketless system where the operation is based on license plate recognition. However, the barriers still allow for more precise control regarding the users entering or exiting the facility as well as for quotas for calculation purposes.

One alternative could be a solution where the facility can be entered freely without a barrier, but exiting the facility is controlled, thus allowing you to ensure that payment is made on-site.

Another option could consist of complete access control for contract users with RFID tags or cameras being used for identification.


  • Camera-based solution
  • Allows for both local and online management of contract parking
  • Calculations
  • Quota calculation
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Mobile payment options
  • Access control
  • Hotel solutions
  • Advance reservation
  • Information screens