Parktech Oy

Parktech Finland Oy is a Finnish parking industry company with 30 years of experience in the sector. Our core competence consists of the design and sales of parking solutions, installations of parking systems, and after-sales and maintenance services. 

While our activities are primarily focused on the Greater Helsinki area, we do operate nationwide. Our youthful personnel have extensive experience of parking solutions. Parktech Finland Oy is part of the international Scheidt & Bachmann Gmbh group. 

Our story

Suomen Pysäköintipalvelu Oy is established

The activities of the company consist of a combination of parking and building management services. Customer service for parking and property maintenance are provided for parking facilities as a single package. 


Scheidt & Bachmann Finland Oy perustetaan

The new company manages and maintains the parking management systems of S&B already existing in Finland and seeks out new business.


Laatukilpi Oy acquires the operations of SPP Oy together with two private owners

The acquisition is completed in order to create a subcontractor in Southern Finland to install and maintain the parking solutions of Laatukilpi.

Today, Laatukilpi operates as Kaskea Group Oy and remains a long-term partner and part-owner of the company. 


Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH ostaa SPP OY:stä puolet ja syntyy yhteisyritys

Scheidt & Bachmann Finland Oy and their operative personnel are merged into SPP Oy 

The activities are clarified, and the provision of property management services reduced. The activities of the company focus increasingly on the sales of S&B parking solutions and installation and maintenance services. 


Parktech Finland Oy

Suomen Pysäköintipalvelu Oy changes its name to Parktech Finland Oy. The name of the company is changed in order to clarify the business image.



Parktech's mission consists of making parking easier through technology. Our concept covers:

  • Parking garages and areas
  • Hotel Parking
  • Parking at airports, shopping centers, hospitals, and exhibition centers

Our operating concept is to ‘fix it in one go.’ To us, this means that we complete our work on schedule and to a high standard of quality, thus allowing our customers to focus on their essential business activities. We take care of the parking, so you do not have to worry about it.