Camera-based parking

A parking management system based on license plate recognition that allows users to easily enter and exit the parking facility. 

The license plate of the vehicle is scanned when entering or exiting the parking facility. At the payment terminal, the user will enter their license plate number using a touchscreen and pay for parking using cash or card. A mobile application can be used for convenient, fully automated parking. The mobile app is launched automatically as the user enters the parking facility, and the parking is concluded as the user leaves. A notification is sent to the user’s smart device for both events. 

The users also have the option of paying later for the parking online or with an invoice sent to their home address.


  • Fully camera-based, no restrictions
  • As simple to the users as possible
  • Modern
  • Allows for both local and online management of contract parking
  • Calculations
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Hotel solutions
  • Mobile payment options
  • Online payment
  • Subsequent invoicing
  • Information screens